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VIDEO: Tim Tebow Sacked For Huge Loss In Patriots' Win Over Broncos

On 4th down and 17, Tim Tebow needed some magic to convert for the Denver Broncos against the New England Patriots. He didn't have any magic on this play. Instead of a miracle conversion, Tebow was sacked for a loss of 28 yards.

Tebow had to try to keep the play alive because Denver was trailing. Earlier in the game, he was successful in escaping the Patriots defenders coming after him in the backfield. His touchdown run which gave the Broncos an early 6-0 lead came on a play when he had to break a tackle in the backfield. On this play, however, Tebow was not going to make a daring escape. After Tebow initially slipped away from him, Rob Ninkovich was the beneficiary on the play and got to record one of the longest sacks you will ever see during an NFL game.

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