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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tebow Time Begins?

If you're a Patriots fan, what just happened is the last thing you want to see.

After a near-safety, near-touchdown play from the Patriots defense came up empty on the previous drive when Tim Tebow recovered from a fumble to throw the ball out of bounds downfield, the Denver defense forced a punt and perhaps set up--dare I say it?--Tebow Time.

Backed up into a 3rd-and-18 after a big sack from Mark Anderson, Tim Tebow pulled off his first big "miracle" of the game when Devin McCourty assumed he had safety help over the top on Demaryius Thomas. With Sergio Brown forced to cover his own man open, however, Thomas was free and clear deep down the right sideline where Tebow found him for 39 yards. On the very next play, it was Lance Ball picking up a big gain on a short pass to bring the Broncos within just a couple yards, where Tim Tebow got the call and plowed into the end zone behind his big offensive line.

It's still a 34-23 game, and New England will have a chance to essentially ice it with a touchdown on their next possession, but if you're not a little nervous, then you haven't been watching Denver these last couple months.