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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Danny Woodhead Caps Long New England Drive, Puts Pats Up By 18

The New England Patriots seem to be in the driver's seat of this one, as Danny Woodhead capped off a long drive with a 10-yard touchdown run to put them up by 18 big points.

Already the Patriots seem to be focusing on running out as much clock as possible. Focusing on BenJarvus Green-Ellis both with a short pass and handoffs, the Patriots' offense covered 35 quick yards to get out to midfield. With the run established, Brady returned to the air for a couple quick passes which, combined with a facemask, brought them all the way to the Denver 14-yard line. From there, a quick Rob Gronkowski target brought them within 10 yards, and Danny Woodhead brought them all the way home, with a nasty cut keeping the Bronco's defense off his back and allowing him to run untouched into the end zone.

With the fourth quarter drawing near, the Patriots are up 34-16--hopefully the sort of lead which Tim Tebow won't be able to melt away with his characteristic late-game "miracles".