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Patriots Vs. Broncos: Tom Brady Takes Over Spiking Duties From Rob Gronkowski

The Denver Broncos have done something few other teams have accomplished so far this season: they've taken Rob Gronkowski away from the Patriots' offense, holding him to just 15 yards in the first quarter.

Of course, it's come at the cost of allowing Aaron Hernandez to run completely wild on them, but the moral victory and morale impact can't be overstated. After all, what are the Patriots without their Gronkowski spikes to energize the team?

Well, it turns out that Tom Brady has an answer even for that. After pushing the ball just barely over the goal line for a touch down in the second quarter, Brady extracted himself from the pile, and stepped up to take over for Gronkowski:


Not the spike we're used to seeing Brady execute, is it? The real question is whether or not the future Hall of Fame quarterback has actually been taking lessons from his sophomore tight end target. Even the best can be taught in some areas.