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VIDEO: Wes Welker Catch Sets Up Patriots Touchdown

The New England Patriots were surprisingly trailing 16-7 in the second quarter of their game against the Denver Broncos until a Wes Welker catch set up a Patriots touchdown that would cut the Broncos lead to two points.

Welker beat his man on the play and looked as if he might have scored. An official replay showed that Welker was down before he crossed the goal line. After Welker's 19-yard catch, the Patriots scored two plays later. BenJarvus Green-Ellis was not able to get in from the 1-yard line on his rushing attempt. Tom Brady connected with Aaron Hernandez on the next play for a touchdown. The Hernandez catch made the score 16-14 in favor of the Broncos.

The Patriots looked to have settled in after trailing early on the road.

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