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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Patriots Grab 24-16 Lead, Broncos Plagued By Fumbles

For the second straight drive, the New England Patriots forced a fumble in Denver territory, and took advantage of it to put points on the board.

This time the guilty party for Denver was none other than Tim Tebow himself, who took a big hit from Mark Anderson and coughed up the ball to the Patriots on his own 40-yard line. Again given strong starting field position, the Patriots were able to come up big this time. Aaron Hernandez continued his big day by picking up 25 yards with an evasive run after the catch, and on a 2nd-and-1 play Tom Brady kept the ball himself, surging forward behind the offensive line to pick up his first rushing touchdown of the season.

Since the Broncos took a 16-7 lead, it's been all New England. One big touchdown drive of their own, followed by two shorter scoring drives on costly Denver fumbles. The defense may have shown up late to the game, but they seem ready to play now.