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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Denver Fumble Helps Patriots To 17-16 Lead

The second quarter is going quite well for New England so far, as a fumble by Denver running back Lance Ball gave the Patriots the field position needed to add three points and retake the lead.

The fumble came at the 25-yard line, with Ron Brace getting his hand on the ball and knocking it out of the Denver back's hand. Unfortunately, even with that terrific field position, the Patriots would come up just short of the end zone. While Stevan Ridley and Tom Brady combined for a quick first down, a controversial incomplete call on a pass to Aaron Hernandez kept the team out of the end zone. While Hernandez seemed to get his hands under the ball to make a diving catch on the slow-motion replay, Bill Belichick felt the video evidence was not strong enough to overturn the call, and chose to preserve his challenge flag for later. Gostkowski instead got the call, and put the ball through the uprights for three more points and the 17-16 lead.