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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Broncos Field Goal Extends Lead To 16-7

The good news is that New England has finally managed to keep the Broncos out of the end zone on their third drive of the game. The bad news is that, between a New England punt and a Denver field goal, they've now taken a 16-7 lead over the Patriots.

Tom Brady and the Patriots came up empty on their second drive of the game despite a defensive holding call granting them a first down after they seemed to come up short on a 3rd-and-7 play. They had no help from the referees on their next series, however, with a short run and an incompletion setting up a 3rd-and-9. While Tom Brady seemed to have found a man open well down field in Tiquan Underwood, the young wide receiver failed to get his feet down in bounds, resulting in an incomplete pass and forcing a punt.

From there, it seemed like a pretty typical Denver drive. Tim Tebow made his one pass, finding an open Eric Decker a big gain and then heading into the end zone with a couple more big runs. Finally, though, New England's defense made a stand. A few short gains from the Broncos, topped off by five yards from Tim Tebow, left them just a yard short when New England declined a holding penalty. Deciding to go the safe route, John Fox called on Matt Prater to put the ball through the uprights for three more points early on in the second quarter.