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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Tom Brady Covers 79 Yards In Two Plays, Pats Up 7-6

It did not take long for the Patriots to respond to the opening touchdown from Tim Tebow and the Broncos, as Tom Brady put on a more conventional display of quarterbacking, covering 79 yards with two big passes.

The first two plays from scrimmage for New England's offense weren't encouraging. Starting at the 20-yard line after a touchback, Tom Brady was forced to throw the ball away under significant pressure from the Broncos' defense, and Kevin Faulk ran hopelessly into the maws of the defensive line to set up a 3rd-and-9 situation.

No stranger to the big third down conversion, however, Tom Brady showed no fear in the pocket on the ensuing play, finding Aaron Hernandez for a first down and more, as the former Florida tight end added an extra 30 with a big run after the catch. Having contributed a strong block ahead of Hernandez on the last play, Chad Ochocinco then had his own number called, and finally found his way into the end zone for the first time this year, outrunning his defender and providing Brady with a wide open receiver and his 34th touchdown of the year.

The Patriots had no trouble with their own extra point attempt, taking the lead from Denver 7-6 very early on in the game.