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Patriots Vs. Broncos Score Update: Denver Up 6-0 After Tim Tebow Touchdown

The Patriots' defense, typically strong against the run, have found themselves overmatched by the ground game of the Denver Broncos, as Willis McGahee and Jeremiah Johnson set up Tim Tebow for a nine yard scramble into the end zone.

While Patriots fans may have spent the past week worrying that their empty secondary would make Tim Tebow look good through the air, the Broncos' unconventional quarterback netted just one completion as his team drove down the field highlighted by explosive runs from McGahee, who picked up a gain of 19 yards, and Johnson, whose sole carry went for 25. It would be Tebow who brought the ball into the end zone, however, as he shed a tackle in the backfield from Rob Ninkovich before sprinting forward for six points.

The Broncos would have to accept just the six, however. A low snap from former Patriot Lonie Paxton evaded the grasp of Denver's holder, leaving the extra point attempt dead in the water.