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Patriots Vs. Redskins Week 14 News: FedEx Field In Rough Shape After Army-Navy Game

In less than a half hour, the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins will face each other at FedEx Field in Landover, MD, and it looks as if both teams will not only be battling each other, but sloppy field conditions. According to's Patriots insider Tom E. Curran, FedEx Field is in bad shape after Saturday's Army-Navy game, which featured the Midshipman beating the Black Knights, 27-21.

On his blog, Curran said this:

"Kicker Stephen Gostkowski's performance will likely be impacted some since the area chewed up is between the hashes."

"The sidelines on the Redskins side of the field is also pretty beat up, especially near the goal line."

"And the end zones still say "ARMY" and "NAVY."

"But Mike Shanahan says the turf isn't that bad in his estimation."

If the field is in rough shape, it may slow down the passing attack of the Patriots, who face the league's ninth-best passing defense of the Redskins. New England's shifty slot receiver Wes Welker also could be slowed down a bit.

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