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VIDEO: Bill Belichick Thinks Colts Provide Good Gauge For Patriots

The New England Patriots are playing the winless Indianapolis Colts this weekend, the hapless Indianapolis Colts, the Indianapolis Colts who currently lead the Andrew Luck sweepstakes by two full games, the Indianapolis Colts who will start Dan Orlovsky on Sunday, a quarterback who hasn't won a single start during seven NFL seasons.

So naturally, Bill Belichick is acting like the Colts are the biggest threat of the season.

During Belichick's press conference on Wednesday, a reporter made the mistake of opining that it would be more difficult to gauge the Patriots against the Colts than it would be to gauge them against, say, the San Francisco 49ers. Belichick disagreed vehemently with the reporter's stance. Video after the jump.

In case you were wondering, the Colts rank 28th in passing offense, 25th in running offense, 18th in passing defense and 31st in running defense. One of the receivers Belichick hyped up, Austin Collie, has zero touchdown catches this season and just 274 receiving yards. The Colts have lost their last five games by an average of 23.6 points, including a 55-point drubbing against the New Orleans Saints on Oct. 23.

The moral of this video: There's legitimate fear, and there's Belichickian fear. The second kind doesn't exist.