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Tom Brady May Have Gone Blind

It looks like Tom Brady has gone blind, and apparently he went blind earlier this season. It has been tough to notice, as Brady has been doing a remarkable job for a player with his crippling disability, throwing for 2,703 yards (average of 337.9 yards per game) and 20 touchdowns through the midway point of the season.

But it was something Brady did during Sunday's 24-20 loss to the New York Giants that proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the legendary quarterback has gone completely blind.

What was it, you ask? He told wide receiver Chad Ochocinco that he has been doing a good job.

Brady had publicly supported Ochostinko before, but that wasn't surprising. When a quarterback starts putting down his receivers, it can only create problems. But NFL Films caught Brady telling Ochocinco in the huddle that he does support him, according to Pro Football Talk.

Brady has said publicly that he supports Ochocinco, and after Brady and Ochocinco failed to connect on a third-and-7 play in Sunday's loss to the Giants, the NFL Films cameras caught Brady privately encouraging Ochocinco as well.

"You're doing good," Brady told Ochocinco. "You're doing good. Just keep playing hard. That's all I want."

It's very sad, isn't it? Brady used to be such a good quarterback, but now with his blindness...I just don't know anymore. I mean, that can be the only explanation for his comments, right? Ochocinco has a grand total of 136 receiving yards and zero (count them, ZERO) touchdowns on nine catches. Just let that sink in for a minute.

And yet, somehow, Brady things that he's 'doing good'? I hope he means that Ocho is literally 'doing good' for others, like charity work or donations, because he certainly hasn't been 'doing good' for the Pats on the field.

Meanwhile, Brady said that he was disappointed with Wes Welker, who only has 960 receiving yards and six touchdowns on 66 catches this season. Brady told Wes in the huddle that he needs to pick up (or in this case, ease off) his game because he's making other receivers - like Ochocinco - look bad.

OK, that last part about Welker isn't true, but I can't believe Brady thinks he's 'doing good.'

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