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Patriots 3, Giants 10, End 3rd: Turnovers Wreak Havoc On Patriots

Tom Brady and the Patriots have not been on their game Sunday against the Giants, with three straight turnovers leading directly to 10 points as the Giants took a 10-3 lead in the third.

Brady picked up his second interception of the game just three plays into the second half. Looking for all the world like he had chosen his target before the play even began, the struggling quarterback fired the ball in the direction of a heavily covered Rob Gronkowski. Deon Grant was the man in position to make the grab, setting up the Giants for their first scoring drive of the game. A rather put-upon defensive unit would allow large chunks of yardage in a short period of time, but stood strong near the goal line, forcing the Giants to settle for three.

They would not be able to stop New York on their next drive, however. Facing a 3rd-and-10, the New England offensive line allowed Michael Boley to work around the left side and back towards an unsuspecting Brady. Hit as he loaded to throw, Brady's arm came forward without the ball. The Giants fell on it, and on the very next play Brandon Jacobs covered all 10 yards to get into the end zone.

The offense still was not in sync for New England, but a bit of luck finally helped them get on the board. A muffed punt from Aaron Ross set the Patriots up with a very short field, and while an incomplete pass on 3rd-and-3 held them out of the end zone, Stephen Gostkowski was able to get the ball through the uprights this time for three.

The Giants nearly allowed another turnover on the ensuing kickoff, but it was the Patriots who would seemingly be undone by their special teams. After his defense forced a 3-and-out, Julian Edelman made an ill-advised attempt to return to punt, but found himself stripped to put the Giants in terrific position to go up by two scores. They would come as close as the five-yard line, even, but no closer. Eli Manning attempted to lift a pass in to Mario Manningham, but a leaping grab by Kyle Arrington provided what could prove to be a key interception, leaving the Patriots down by just seven points, with the ball, and driving as the third quarter came to a close.