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VIDEO: Young Philadelphia Eagles Fan Hates Tom Brady

Rooting for Tom Brady has spoiled New England Patriots fans for years, who expect several passing touchdowns and zero interceptions every Sunday. Rooting against Tom Brady isn't nearly as fun.

Brady's solid-as-usual performance on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles made at least one child cry. A young Eagles fan was taped by his father repeatedly mentioning a deep hatred for Brady. Video after the jump.

Patriots fans should never forget how good they have it. Around the league, quarterbacks John Beck, Curtis Painter, Tarvaris Jackson, Tyler Palko and John Skelton have played prominent roles for their teams. Meanwhile, Brady keeps slinging touchdown passes, throwing very few interceptions and handsomely modeling male Ugg boots.  

The Patriots have been a championship contender or close to it every season since that destiny-filled day when Drew Bledsoe took a hit, after which Bill Belichick turned to his young backup and said something like, "Tom, you're in."

But the Patriots won't always have Brady. At some point his career will end, some new quarterback will take his spot, and maybe Patriots fans will cry instead of Eagles fans. Or, maybe Brady's successor will throw like Brady and run like Michael Vick. That wouldn't be too bad.

Ryan Mallett, if you are the heir apparent, please don't make Pats fans cry.