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VIDEO: Tom Brady Throws TD Pass To Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady was not done after a third quarter touchdown pass to Wes Welker. For good measure, he added another touchdown pass, his third of the game, to Rob Gronkowski. With this latest TD toss, see video below, the game is well in hand as the Patriots now have a 38-13 lead in the fourth quarter.

Second down and 19 was no problem from Brady who has been throwing darts this game. Brady stepped up in the pocket to find Gronkowski going straight up the seam. The Eagles defenders could not converge in time and Gronkowski finally got on the scoreboard after a fine performance last week. Brady's other two touchdown passes in the game went to Wes Welker who had a quiet week during the Patriots' last outing.

A win will move the Patriots to 8-3 on the season and 4-2 on the road during 2011. After this last touchdown, you can go ahead and pencil the Patriots in for those wins.