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VIDEO: Tom Brady Finds Wes Welker For Another Touchdown Hookup

The Patriots extended their lead early into the third quarter when Tom Brady found one of his favorite targets, Wes Welker, for another touchdown hookup. After Welker's second touchdown of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Patriots lead 31-13.

On second and goal from the 9-yard line, Brady found Welker near the goal line. Welker did the rest of the work diving pass the defender and stretching the ball across the goal line. Welker also caught a 41-yard touchdown pass from Brady in the second quarter.

After trailing 10-0 early in the contest, the Patriots have have gone on a 31-3 run. The Patriots' outburst to take the lead in the game came in the 17-point second quarter with some long pass plays, Welker's first touchdown included. Besides the Welker touchdown catch you see above, there was no other scoring by either team in the third quarter of the game.