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Robert Kraft, New England Patriots Hand Out Thanksgiving Baskets

The New England Patriots handed out 220 Thanksgiving baskets in Roxbury on Tuesday night, and owner Robert Kraft told 98.5 The Sports Hub that the charitable efforts reminded him of his late wife, Myra.

"Those of who knew her know what a great woman she was. She was really a role model as a mother. Really we're celebrating volunteerism; she was the number-one person in this region to do that," said Kraft. "She never looked for accolades; she was doing the grunt work. What's sort of been nice is wives and players on our team recognize she was trying to do good in the community."

Kraft was joined at the event by tight end Rob Gronkowski, running back Kevin Faulk, defensive lineman Ron Brace, defensive lineman Vince Wilfork and Wilfork's wife. After Gronkowski's flip into the end zone Monday night, Kraft said he asked the blossoming superstar whether he ever considered trying ballet.

On a more serious note, Kraft said he is proud of the team he owns.

"We're lucky to have such great guys on this team. This past year has been a savior for me to go down to the locker room and interact with those kids," said Kraft. "If you go in the locker room and see the chemistry and spirit, we're blessed to have some great young men. I give thanks that I have the privilege of being involved in this." 

There was only one fallback to handing out Thanksgiving baskets.

"I'll just tell you, the only bad part of that is the first basket I take out, and it weighs about 75-pounds, and we're always going out into the lot and it's dark; the lovely lady never knows where her car is. She says it's right over there, but then she can't find it in the dark," he said. "Three years in a row the same thing; lovely ladies and they have no clue where they parked their cars."    

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