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VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski's Two Touchdowns, Julian Edelman's Return

The Patriots are up 24-3 thanks to three touchdowns, each one of them coming with a good bit of flair.

Up first, Rob Gronkowski's big reception and the balancing act which allowed him to stay in bounds and tumble into the end zone for seven:

One touchdown was not enough for Gronkowski, however, and his second featured a repeat of the balancing act. This time, though, the finish was a lot more painful as Gronkowski was flipped upside down, falling on his head and neck before popping back up and spiking the ball:

As dangerous as that looked, Gronkowski was seen joking with trainers not long after, so it seems all is well there.

Finally comes Julian Edelman providing one of the most exciting plays in the NFL. Despite making some questionable decisions in the return game this year, Edelman shined this time, bringing Kansas City's punt back 72 yards for six points:

Unfortunately a dropped pass at the end of the third will keep New England from adding a fourth just yet, but there's still 15 minutes to go...