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VIDEO: Kansas City's Surprise Onside Kick

WIth a 3-0 lead after a first-quarter field goal, Kansas City made one of the gutsiest calls you'll see this year: a surprise onside kick that, but for a last-second deflection off of a Kansas City leg just shy of the 10 yards necessary to make it legal, could have gone in their favor.

We have the video:

Close, but no cigar. It's not too unusual to see a team outclassed on paper go for a big play like this with the hopes that the big gamble will pay off. What's not quite as typical is to see the other team not take advantage when it doesn't. With the first play of the second quarter and fifth play of the drive, Tom Brady was flushed out of the pocket and hit from behind. The ball popped loose, and after a bit of pinballing, found its way under a Kansas City player for the turnover.