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Bill Belichick Makes Profane Comment After Patriots' Win Over Jets On Sunday

Bill Belichick isn't a fan of public trash talking, that much we know. But apparently, the legendary coach of the New England Patriots isn't averse to profanity laced talk in private, according to this New York Post report.

As the Patriots coach walked off the MetLife Stadium field, he threw his arm around his son, Stephen, and added an exclamation mark to the Patriots' 37-16 victory over the Jets.

"Thirty-seven points on the best defense in the league, s--- my d---," the Patriots coach said in celebration.

I don't know about you, but that is about the last thing I'd ever expect to come out of Belichick's mouth. Now, this is only a report (one from the New York Post, no less), so it's unclear if there's any truth behind this. But nowadays, the league and the media have ways of finding this stuff out. And if it's true, oh boy.

At the moment, we've received no word on whether or not Belichick will call himself into a meeting in his office and bench him for the first series against the Chiefs next Monday night for his comments.

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