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Julian Edelman Arrest: Edelman Arraigned At Boston Municipal Court

Julian Edelman was arrested early on Tuesday morning and was charged with indecent assault and battery charges outside a Back Bay nightclub in Boston and was scheduled to appear in Boston Municipal Court later in the day.

Edelman walked in for his arraignment, but according to reports, the judge temporarily pushed it off.

RT @noliverioon7 Patriots WR Julian Edelman just walked into the Boston courtroom, then back out. Judge put off his arraign until "further call" #7news (via Nicole Oliverio on Twitter)

However, Edelman was called shortly after and arraigned on his charges. Per Oliverio, the DA said that Edelman groped a young woman but was not seeking bail, instead ordering Edelman to stay away from the woman and the nightclub.

Afterwards, Edelman left without speaking to reporters and his lawyer was silent as well. However, according to Oliverio, Edelman did sign one autograph before he left the premises.

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