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Patriots Vs. Jets: Antonio Cromartie Won't Retract Brady Comments

Antonio Cromartie and Tom Brady aren't exactly on speaking terms. Cromartie, a noted hater of the Pats legendary quarterback, kicked off the trash talking prior to Sunday's game between the Patriots and Jets at Gillette Stadium, saying that he wouldn't take back his comments regarding Brady from last season.

"What I said last year, I meant it," Cromartie told me. "I'm not going to take back anything. I'm definitely looking forward to this rivalry game. I still have the same feelings. Feelings don't change. Whatever I said last year is not going to change."  (via Newsday)

During the Patriots' 45-3 rout of the Jets during the regular season last year, Brady pointed at the Jets sideline, which Cromartie took as showboating. Cromartie, who then called Brady a derogatory term, also said the following.

"If you want to be a professional, be a professional," Cromartie said at the time. "You've been there before scoring touchdowns, so go back to the sidelines . . . I hope he'll throw the ball 10 times my way . . . Let the scoreboard speak for itself, which it did the last game [45-3]. Let your play speak for itself. Don't look at our sideline. That's the biggest sign of disrespect." (via Newsday)

Cromartie and the Jets had the last laugh, edging the Patriots, 28-21, in the divisional round of the playoffs last year to advance to the AFC Championship Game, where they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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