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Tom Brady: Wes Welker 'Heart And Soul' Of Patriots

Following the New England Patriots' 31-19 demise of the Oakland Raiders, quarterback Tom Brady spoke about wide receiver Wes Welker's contributions to the team this season. No surprise here that Brady had ample praise to give to his favorite target, calling Welker the "heart and soul" of the Patriots.

"Nothing surprises me with Wes," Brady said. "He's the heart and soul of this team. He's been that way since the day he got here. He works his tail off. He's a great player, great teammate. He's become a real dynamic player over the years. He's made some huge plays for us, he's clutch, tough, mentally tough, physically tough. He's awesome." (via WEEI)

Welker, who leads the team in catches, yards and touchdowns was also praised by Brady as an example that other football players should follow; citing his intense work ethic and his positive locker room presence.

"He shows up every single day being the best he can be," Brady said. "He sets a great example for every player, every veteran player, every young player, every coach, what he's willing to do to commit himself to be the best he can be for this team. He never takes a day off, never takes a practice off, he never takes a play off, run or pass. It's like that way in practice. What you see in a game is what he does in practice for us every day and he never complains. He's a helluva player. I love being out there with him." (via WEEI)

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