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Leigh Bodden Released By New England Patriots, According To Report

According to a report by Pro Football Talk the New England Patriots have released veteran cornerback Leigh Bodden. The Patriots have yet to officially announce Bodden's release.

According to Pro Football Talk the Patriots have released veteran cornerback Leight Bodden:

Patriots release cornerback Leigh Bodden, according to a league source.

Albert Breer of NFL Network says head coach Bill Belichick has not yet confirmed Bodden's release:

Belichick didn't confirm the Bodden release ... but when asked about his play, BB said, "I think we'll skip that one right now."

Also, according to Mike Petraglia of WEEI in Boston Bill Belichick has not yet confirmed the release:

"We don't have any announcements to make right now." BB on @ProFootballTalk report of release of Leigh Bodden. #Patriots

According to Pro Football Focus, an NFL stats and analysis website, Leigh Bodden has been the Patriots best cover corner this season:

Bodden thrown at 22 times this year. Allowed 12 recs, 1 TD. Has 4 PDs. Played 222 snaps for the Patriots.

The 30 year-old Bodden has been with the Patriots since 2009 and has 18 career interceptions, including 5 with the Patriots in 2009. 

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