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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: New England Patriots Come In At Number 3

The SB Nation power rankings for Week 7 are finally out. Find out why the Patriots are sitting at the number three spot.

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The New England Patriots dodged a bullet this past weekend against the Dallas Cowboys, coming away with a 20-16 victory. In fact, they aren't dominating teams like many expected this season. However, domination doesn't matter when you come away with the win and the Pats are still en route to being the top team in the AFC East. They were aided this week by the New York Giants who just barely beat the Buffalo Bills with a 27-24 win.

The Pats are up two slots from last week thanks to losses from Detroit and New Orleans. Meanwhile, the rest of the AFC East dropped in the power rankings. The Bills fell from 7 to 10 because of the loss to the Giants, the Jets dropped from 17 to 18 despite the win over the Dolphins, and Miami is still the bottom team in the league. Even though the Colts are also 0-5, they have been far more competitive in their losses.

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