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Patriots Vs. Cowboys: Cowboys FG Only Offense In Third Quarter, Game Tied At 13

Tony Romo led a drive that took nearly six minutes off the clock, their second of at least 5 minutes, and were able to convert the game tying field goal, the only scoring of the third quarter.

The New England Patriots were unable to really move the ball until the very of the quarter when they marched down the field, aided by a running into the kicker penalty, but Aaron Hernandez was stripped inside the Dallas Cowboys redzone and the Cowboys recovered. It was the third turnover of the game for the Patriots, and just the first fumble of the season by the Pats offense.

The Cowboys have been led on offense by the increasingly strong play by Tony Romo. Romo struggled throughout long stretches of the first half, but picked up his play late in the second quarter and has begun to find open receivers with regularity in the second half.