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Rob Gronkowski Goes Into The Family Business, Invents a Verb

It wasn't enough for New England Patriots' rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski and two of his brothers to find playing time in the NFL. The three Gronkowski brothers (joining Rob are Denver Broncos tight end Dan and Dallas Cowboys fullback Chris) have now decided that launching a "lifestyle brand" based off their pro football careers would be the next best step.

Launching this weekend, the brothers will launch, a website selling autographs and branded apparel and giving fans more information than they'll ever need to know about the Buffalo, NY bred fullbacks and tightends. In fact, the Gronkowski's are now using their last name as a verb, and want fans to do the same. Says a press release about the launch:

"Are you ready to be Gronk'd?! 'Gronk yourself' means to get hyped, get jacked, or to get pumped up. Doing anything to the extreme...With the way the Gronkowskis approach the game they're not only building careers, but also a brand that's popular amongst fans, GronkNation."

Amongst the family branded t-shirts and rubber bracelets, the website makes claim to an interesting fact:
"Not since the 1920's has the National Football League played host to three brothers during the same era."
The Anderson, Baldinger, Howell and Richardson families may have some beef with the Gronkowski's statement - all four families have had three brothers play with in the same time frame in the NFL since the days of flappers and Prohibition.