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2011 NFL Draft: Patriots Own Six Selections In First Three Rounds

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The complete collection of New England Patriots picks in the 2011 NFL Draft is now known.

Previously, it was unclear or simply not revealed which picks the Patriots received in some of their trades that involved draft selections, but now they are all out in the open

The final piece came when it was confirmed that the Patriots traded their higher fourth-round draft choice to Seattle -- the one acquired from Denver in the Laurence Maroney trade -- for receiver Deion Branch. That information was initially reported by Danny O'Neill of the Seattle Times.

The Broncos' pick in the fourth round is the second slot of that round, while the Patriots' pick is 28th, accounting for a 26-point difference.

The Patriots' draft projections now looks like this: 

Updated draft selections
1a. From Oakland (17th)
1b. Original pick (28th)
2a. From Carolina (33rd)
2b. Original pick (60th)
3a. From Minnesota (74th)
3b. Original pick (92nd)
4. Original pick
5. Original pick
6. Original pick

Not a whole lot new, and still three of the first 33 picks, which is the most important part. Assuming the Patriots decide to keep all their picks, of course. Which is a lofty assumption.