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Tom Brady's Injury Had Him 'Playing Through Pain'

Tom Brady had surgery on his right foot on Thursday, undergoing a procedure that involved inserting a screw to help heal a "chronic stress fracture of the navicular bone in right foot." It's the very same operation that Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia is currently rehabbing from and according to ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell, it's an injury that likely had Brady in "considerable pain."

"The concern with a stress fracture in that navicular bone is a lot of stress with weight transfer," Bell said. "That's Brady's plant foot, so it really does make his season that much more impressive. Every time he has to plant and throw, you're transferring weight through that foot, transferring weight through a fracture.

"There's no doubt he was playing through pain. Yet he still was remarkably effective."

Brady finished the season with 3900 yards and 36 touchdowns. 

Bell added that "There's not a lot to rehabbing this injury." Assuming all went well with the surgery and it heals properly, Brady should be ready in time for the start of training camp.