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Tom Brady Set For Surgery, Expected To Be Ready For Training Camp

Things escalated quickly for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Wednesday: from a stress fracture in his foot to needing surgery, all in the course of a day. Indeed, according to multiple reports, Brady is set to undergo surgery on his right foot, possibly as early as today.

The procedure, to be performed by team physician George Theodore, "will address a lingering stress fracture in the quarterback's right foot" -- it's similar to what Red Sox' Dustin Pedroia had done last fall. The Globe says it may involve a screw being inserted into Brady's foot, but assuming "the bone heals without any complications," he should be ready in time for the start of training camp this summer. 

Following the surgery (he could opt to push it back to Monday), it will take Brady "a couple of months" until he is 100 percent, according to Will Carroll, a sports injury expert, in e-mails exchanged with WEEI's Christopher Price.

"This one's double-duty - if it is a Navicular fx (and pretty much all sources say it is) - then you're looking at the same thing Pedroia had done," writes Carroll. "They'll make sure it's lined up, put in a pin or screw if needed, and it should take a couple months to be 100 percent. Just as I don't expect Pedroia to have any issue once he comes back after letting it heal in the offseason, I doubt Brady will have any issue being ready for training camp.

"The only issues he might have are some residual pain, arthritis, and similar. He's not mobile to begin with, so I don't think we have to worry about foot geometry changes."

This foot surgery will be the fifth operation of Brady's career; he has also undergone surgery on his shoulder, knee and groin. 

Brady, who was selected as the AFC's starting QB for the 2011 Pro Bowl, has reportedly decided to skip the event. He will be replaced by Matt Cassel.