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Dolphins vs. Patriots: Tom Brady Starts Second Half, Hits Alge Crumpler For Touchdown #36

Tom Brady has his 36th touchdown pass of the season, finding Alge Crumpler for a 10-yard score.

Brandon Tate picked up the lion’s share of the yards when he managed to escape from three different defenders at the Dolphins’ 42-yard line and dash all the way to the 10 before being forced out of bounds.

With 36 touchdowns on the Season, Tom Brady has notched another top-10 passing touchdown season. He’s tied with six other players, and while it’s hard to imagine that he’ll come back in the game now that Brian Hoyer has once again donned the helmet, number 37 would put him alone in ninth. Of course, Brady already has the top spot on said list with his 50 touchdowns in 2007.