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Dolphins vs. Patriots: Tom Brady Starts, Connects With Rob Gronkowski For Quick Touchdown

Credit the field position to Devin McCourty, who got his right hand on a pass to Brandon Marshall, tipping it away from the receiver and into his left hand. That’s seven interceptions on the year for the rookie.

Getting Brady into the red zone was the job of BenJarvus Green Ellis and Danny Woodhead, who brought their usual running game to the table, setting Tom Brady up at the 13-yard line.

From there, it was the usual easy toss-and-catch to Rob Gronkowski, towering over his defender, though the perfect pass over the tight end’s shoulder made the height advantage entirely unnecessary.

Not everything is perfect in Patriot land, however. After forcing a quick punt from the Dolphins, Danny Woodhead’s fumble marked the first New England turnover in seven games, ending the Patriots’ record ball safety streak.

Not that the Dolphins could do anything with it, though. More tough defense and a missed field goal keeps the shutout intact.