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Tom Brady Reportedly Dealing With 'Ongoing Stress Fracture'

With the New England Patriots season over and the locker room emptied, you wouldn't think we'd be discussing a player's injury, but here we are. 

CSNNE's Tom Curran has the latest on Tom Brady's foot, reportedly fractured either "prior or during" Sunday's AFC Divisional Round game, and while the quarterback's foot "felt better on Sunday," Brady was indeed suffering from what can be classified as a fracture. 

More accurately, Brady's dealing with an ongoing stress fracture that predates the 2010 season. It's not so much an injury as a condition, which explains why he's not listed weekly on the injury report with a foot ailment.

At points it flares up significantly. The week after the Patriots played Cleveland was one of those times. At that point, he was listed with a foot injury on the weekly report.

But with rest and treatment over the weeks that followed, Brady's foot improved to the point that by the time he took the field against the Jets, he was virtually asymptomatic.

Curran goes on to cite one of his sources as saying that "to say Brady was impacted on Sunday would be 'unjust.'"

Brady was named as the starting QB for AFC side in the 2011 Pro Bowl, but he's made no announcement about whether or not he'll play in the Jan. 30 game.