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NFL Playoffs, Jets Vs. Patriots: Jets Back Up Talk, Knock Patriots Out Of Playoffs 28-21

The Jets have defeated the Patriots, bringing New England’s season to a sudden and disappointing end.

While the Patriots managed to drive down the field and pick up a much needed field goal just after the 2 minute warning, the Jets recovered the ensuing onside kick, and found their way into the end zone to make a nearly insurmountable lead air-tight. A last-minute Patriots touchdown proved inconsequential when Eric Smith secured the onside kick.

The Patriots were never really able to get in synch against the Jets. Brady was missing receivers not just with bad throws, but in some cases never even picked up on them in the first place. And when the Patriots did find a combo that was actually working, they seemed all-too-ready to go back to what hadn’t worked in the first place.

It will be a long, long offseason, lockout-or-no, with another embarrassing defeat the last game in the rear-view mirror.