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NFL Playoffs, Jets Vs. Patriots: Tom Brady's Interception Negated By Shanked Field Goal

It had been months since Tom Brady threw his last interception. He chose a bad time to start again.

After forcing a punt from the Jets, the Patriots drove methodically down the field, getting some big plays from Danny Woodhead, Brandon Tate, and Rob Gronkowski. With the Pats on the edge of field goal range the Jets brought pressure on 2nd-and-10, and Brady lofted a horrible toss right into the hands of a waiting Jets defender.

While it seemed like New York was off to the races, Alge Crumpler managed to catch up and stop David Harris 15 yards short of the end zone. It’s a good thing he did, as the Patriots blew p a pair of plays in the backfield, forcing the Jets to try for a short field goal.

Which Nick Folk shanked. It’s still 0-0, and the Patriots have to be feeling pretty good about that right now.