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Tom Brady Wins Sporting News Offensive Player Of The Year Award

The year-end awards have begun to trickle in, and Tom Brady has a big one, picking up the Sporting News Offensive Player of the Year award.

Brady's 274 votes gave him the win over Michael Vick, who came in second at 245 votes. While Vick didn't comment, third and fourth place finishers Matt Ryan (18 votes) and Phillip Rivers (12 votes) chimed in on Brady's performance.

Philip Rivers, Chargers: "The biggest thing is how game to game he gives his team a chance to win with how consistent he is, week in and week out. Look at 36 touchdowns and four interceptions. To play at such a high level and be consistent is the biggest thing."

Matt Ryan, Falcons: "For me, it’s his footwork. I think the biggest thing is having a clearer understanding of where to go with the football more quickly. That allows you to be a little more accurate. You have to like how he’s mentally locked in every time the ball is snapped."

There are still plenty of awards to come, of course. While I'm not sure that this was his "best season yet," as Sporting News put it (2007 has, as always, a pretty good argument), Brady was on his game this year like few quarterbacks have ever been. If Brady isn't a lock for most of the awards available to a quarterback, he should be.