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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Patriots Climb To No. 9 In RCS Averages

While the Patriots dropped to No. 11 in WEEI's Week NFL Power Rankings, they're No. 9 in the RealClearSports NFL Power Ranking Averages (down two spots from last week). 

RCS compiles the power rankings from eight different sites (CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, USA Today, Sporting News and PFT) and averages them together to provide a better overall idea of where a team is situated. 

New England was ranked highest by FanHouse, which has them at No. 6, up two spots from Week 3. 

The Patriots had a little bit of difficulty getting by Buffalo, and a leaky pass defense looks like it may doom the team this year. Never count Tom Brady or the revolving-door running game out, but a defense that allows 30 points to the Bills former backup QB isn't one I'm investing in.

Fox Sports has the Patriots at No. 13, their lowest ranking from the eight sites. 

Their offense has few issues. It's on the defensive side of the ball where New England is going to have to improve if they want to go deep into the playoffs. When the Buffalo passing game is finding success against you, then you know there are problems.

Overall, the Patriots earned an average ranking of 9.14 at RCS

The Steelers are the top team (average of 1.14), followed by the Colts (3.29) and then the Saints (3.86).

The Jets check in at No. 4, while the Dolphins are No. 15 and the Bills No. 32, last in the league.