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Kevin Faulk Talks About Injury, Desire To Return Next Season

The New England Patriots look to get back on track this weekend against the Buffalo Bills after losing not only their Week 2 game against the New York Jets, but team captain, leader and 'Mr. Do-it-All', Kevin Faulk, to a season-ending knee injury. Tough break for Faulk and the Patriots. Tom Brady may miss Faulk more than he ever imagined as the season progresses, while the veteran Faulk can only hope to make a full recovery at this prolonged stage of his career.

On Thursday, Faulk joined 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston to talk about the unfortunate injury, the Pats' decision to part ways with Lawrence Maroney, and his desire to return to Patriots in 2011. Below are choice excerpts from the interview (via: SRI)

On the injury he sustained this past weekend:

"I’ve done my MCL a few times so at the time I knew I had done something to my MCL. Once the doctor came and checked it out, you tend to have a sense and a feel of what the doctor is thinking. When he gave me that look I kinda had a feel and knew what it was, but not the severity of it."

On whether or not he wants to return in 2011:

"Of course. I love the game of football, but my body tells me one thing and my mind also tells me one thing. I have a family, a beautiful family. And there’s other options. There’s other business options. That’s something people tend to forget about. It is a business."