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NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Patriots Maintain No. 1 Position In SB Nation Rankings

It's hardly surprising, but the New England Patriots are the top team in the NFL, earning the No. 1 position in SB Nation's Week 14 NFL Power Rankings after their dismantling of the New York Jets Monday night. The Jets dropped from No. 3 al the way to No. 9 -- "the Patriots loss was really bad. The Jets have been more like the Bills lately than the class of the AFC."

The Patriots are now 10-2, tops in the AFC. 

Wow. You wanted this team to prove they're the best in the NFL? They did that with ease against the Jets on Monday night. Who can stop the Patriots?

The Atlanta Falcons, the other 10-2 team in the NFL, is No. 2 in the rankings. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints round out the top-five. 

The Chicago Bears, the Patriots' Week 14 opponent, comes in at No. 6. 

Every week I think the Bears collapse is coming but they continue to win. It looks like you can count on their Week 17 trip to Green Bay deciding the NFC North.