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Monday Night Football, Jets Vs. Patriots: Rex Ryan Calls Loss 'Biggest Butt-Whipping I've Taken'

The New England Patriots held the New York Jets to just three points in their dominating win Monday night. But more than that, the Patriots were able to do whatever they wanted on offense. Against a Rex Ryan defense that allows on average just 19 points per game, the Pats put up 45 with over 405 yards of offense. Tom Brady was near perfect, finishing 21-for-29 with 326 yards and four touchdowns. 

After the game, Ryan did not hold back describing just much his team was dominated

"They made some huge plays in the game," said Ryan. "All I can say is give [Patriots coach Bill Belichick] credit. I came in to kick his butt and he kicked mine. Obviously we got outcoached, outplayed, got our butts kicked. I don't know what else you can say about it." 

"I mean, humiliating? For one night. Shoot, I'll fight tomorrow. I'll guarantee you that. Humiliating? You know, it's the biggest butt-whipping I've taken as a coach in my career."

Meanwhile, his counterpart, Bill Belichick, while even keeled in his post-game press conference, certainly recognized the "butt-whopping" they put on the Jets. In some of the highest praise he can give, Belichick said, "I thought that this was the best 60 minutes of football we've played all year."

It's a loss Ryan and the Jets won't soon forget. 

"I don't think he was necessarily trying to rub it in, but this is the same team that took a bunch of shots on us and they had paybacks," said Ryan. "I mean, let's face it, we kicked their butt at our place. So you know they are trying to come back. So trust me, we will remember this. There is no question about that."