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Tedy Bruschi Honored By Patriots With Halftime Ceremony

It was fitting the Patriots' dominated the Jets Monday night in Gillette Stadium, limiting New York to just three points while intercepting Mark Sanchez three times. After all, it was Tedy Bruschi Night. 

Bruschi, who played linebacker with the Patriots from 1996-2008, was honored at halftime of Monday night's game. Much to the delight of the fans, he put on his old No. 54 and let out a primal scream before taking to the podium to thank his former coaches, teammates and then most importantly, the fans

"When I look at those banners I will remember you -- the best fans in the world. I wasn't raised here but after playing here for 13 years I consider myself a New Englander. Thank you very much," Bruschi said.

Video of the full halftime ceremony after the jump.