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Monday Night Football, Patriots vs. Jets: Now Officially Running Up The Score

OK, so it’s 45-3 after the Patriots extended a drive by going for it on 4th-and-inches and BenJarvus Green-Ellis plowed into the end zone for yet another touchdown.

Now, I’m sure you’re all going to hear about this for the next week, or at the very least tomorrow, but here goes:

I don’t care that the Patriots are piling it on. Now, to start with the idea that one team should just give up when the other team can’t stop them is a contentious one to begin with, but these are the Jets. The loud-mouth, trash-talking, Hard Knocks, paper-Super Bowl champion football villains of the new decade. They’ve spent a lot of the last week talking, and the Patriots haven’t. This is how they do their trash talking: on the field, even if they’re up 38.

At some point, it’s got to become about protecting the starters, yes. But it shouldn’t ever be about protecting the Jets’ feelings.