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Monday Night Football, Jets Vs. Patriots: New England Offense Looking Unstoppable

20 yards to a first? That’s nothing to the Patriots.

For the second time tonight, the Patriots have picked up a 1st or 2nd-and-long, and converted the series for a touchdown. The Jets picked up a field goal, but that lead just keeps on growing. 24-3 is pretty nice.

Four big plays stand out on this drive. The first was a little dump to Danny Woodhead, who found himself in wide open field, good for 35 yards. The second was on a play Brady changed at the line. The Jets came offsides, but it made no difference, as BenJarvus found yet another wide-open side for another big gain.

Then came the penalty, when a pick play gave Deion Branch an offensive pass interference flag.

But the Patriots were not deterred. Brady found Welker to get in close, and a quick toss to Brandon Tate, who just barely got his forearm down in bounds, was good for the score.

The Jets offense seems to be finding a little bit of life, but if the Patriots don’t slow down, it won’t even matter.