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Monday Night Football, Jets Vs. Patriots: Dramatics And A Penalty Puts Pats In End Zone

The Patriots are up 10-0 early on the Jets after a big pass interference call put them one yard away from paydirt.

Twice Tom Brady decided to launch it deep. The first time, it sailed over the head of Deion Branch, who may well have had a case when he asked for a pass interference call he didn’t receive.

Facing a 3rd-and-6 situation, Brady scrambled away from pressure, and falling forward, threw a rocket to Welker for the first.

Then, on the second attempt at a longball, it landed incomplete as Rob Gronkowski was being knocked to the ground in the end zone.

No denying that call.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis needed two touches within one, but the Pats picked up their first touchdown of the game.

10-0 early, but the Patriots can’t let up against this team. Not for one second.