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Monday Night Football, Jets Vs. Patriots: The Big One

The Colts are down, and the Dolphins are mediocre. That leaves the Jets as the Patriots’ main rival of the season, and they’ve been up to the task so far.

While the teams already met in a heated game in Week 2, let’s be frank, that’s not on the same level as this one. Both teams are now 9-2 and battling for control of the AFC East. Yeah, it seems like every week has been a statement week for the Patriots of late, but let’s be honest: this is the big one.

Bigger than the Colts, bigger than the Steelers, bigger than the Ravens, bigger than the Saints last year, and certainly bigger than any game in 2008. This is the biggest regular season game this team has had since Super Bowl 41.5 against the 7-0 Colts in 2007.

The Patriots got beat in Week 2. They’re looking to even the score.

Jets – Pats starts now!