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NFL Playoff Picture: Jets-Chiefs, Ravens-Colts Are AFC Wild-Card Games If Playoffs Started Today

At least some of the NFL playoff picture was made clearer Sunday, with the Patriots clinching the No. 1 seed in the AFC (along with the AFC East division), the Chiefs wrapping up the AFC West and the Ravens and Jets clinching spots in the postseason as well. In the NFC, the Eagles clinched the NFC East while the Packers moved a step closer to punching their ticket. 

But with so many playoff scenarios still alive, it can be confusing. So here's a simpler look at how the playoffs would go if they started tomorrow: 

AFC Wild-Card Round:

No. 6 Jets at No. 3 Chiefs
No. 5 Ravens at No. 4 Colts

AFC Divisional Round:

Chiefs/Colts/Ravens at No. 2 Steelers
Colts/Ravens/Jets at No. 1 Patriots

NFC Wild-Card Round:

No. 6 Packers at No. 3 Eagles 
No. 5 Saints at No. 4 Rams

NFC Divisional Round:

Saints/Rams/Eagles at No. 2 Bears
Packers/Saints/Rams at No. 1 Falcons