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Patriots Vs. Bills: Shayne Graham's Field Goal Breaks Scoring Lull

Shayne Graham’s fourth quarter field goal has broken up a streak of unsuccessful drives for both teams. For the Bills, a pair of fumbles stopped them well short of points, with Bill Belichick even challenging for one despite a 28-point lead.

The Patriots, meanwhile, just haven’t been able to pick up as many yards as they’ve needed to—and at one point, that number was 30, after a pair of penalties set them well back. They finally got back on the board after a Buffalo punt set them up around midfield. Looking to knock some time off the clock, the Pats went with the simple strategy of giving the ball to BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who has now picked up over 100 yards on the game.

The drive died when Fred Taylor finally made his way into the game, coming up empty on a pair of plays and leaving the Pats with a 3rd-and-13. Brady’s pass to Welker came up short, and Shayne Graham was left to kick another short field goal to bump the Patriots’ total up to 34 points.