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Patriots Vs. Bills: Rob Gronkowski Reels In Second Touchdown, Patriots Up 28

The Patriots picked up another interception, with Jarrad Page snagging Ryan Fitzpatrick’s pass at the Buffalo 21 and giving the Pats another easy shot at the end zone.

Tom Brady, having just tied Bernie Kosar for the most pass attempts without an interception couldn’t break the record with a touchdown, unfortunately. The ball was a bit low to Rob Gronkowski, who couldn’t come up with it. But the next attempt worked much better, with the rookie tight end picking up his second multi-TD game of the season.

It’s never prudent to crown a team with 23 minutes left to go in the game, but it’s hard to imagine the kind of meltdown that would sink this team right now. While Bill Belichick isn’t a big fan of resting his team in the last week of the season, it’s looking like he’ll have the option with a completely meaningless game against Miami.