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Patriots vs. Bills: Tom Brady Ties Bernie Kosar's Interceptionless Record

Rarely will you seen a player look less happy immediately after tying a positive record than Tom Brady looked after throwing his 308th straight pass without an interception. Though the 3rd-and-5 pass was a completion to Danny Woodhead, it ended up one yard short of the first down, leaving Brady with a sour expression on his face as he walked off the field.

Tom Brady’s four interceptions on the season are the lowest of any qualified quarterback, with Michael Vick’s five coming in second (Vick, for the record, has 100 fewer attempts on the season than Brady). He hasn’t thrown a pick since Week 6 in Baltimore, despite facing some of the league’s best defenses over the intervening weeks. Since then, Brady has racked up 23 touchdowns and nearly 2,500 yards with his 308 attempts.